Wednesday, August 10, 2005


We played some variations of the Keherwa today. I asked Guruji I would differentiate from a Teental variation from a Keherwa variation since they are both 8/16 beats and the bols are mostly the same. As he said, it all depends on the accent and the style of playing. I can't describe in words - that's why a teacher is important for the Tabla, anyone can read from a book. I guess I'll have to practice a lot.

Couple of things that help -

- Playing the chaati
- Playing a "tichki" on the dagga with a Naa

I found the first variation easy to play. I'll practice that till I get the sound right. Here are the variations

1. Dha Tin Naa Naa | Naa Tin Dha Naa
2. Dha Dha Dha Tin | Naa Naa Dha Tin
3. Dha Ge Dha Tin | Naa Ge Dha Tin
4. Dha Tin Ge Naa | Naa Ge Tin Naa
5. Dha Tin Ge Ti | Naa Ge Dhin Naa
6. Dha Ge Dha Ti | Na Ge Dha Ti
7. Dhin Ge Naa Naa | Tin Ge Dha Naa


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